Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sam Taylor Wood

This is Sam Taylor Woods' XV Seconds, done in 2000.  It is the installation for the facade of Selfridges in London.  This piece of work was said to be "the worlds largest photograph."  I chose to use it for my blog because I really liked how there is this focal point in the picture.  As an observer it allows you to easily view what the artist was trying to emphasize or show.  I also found this picture an interesting work of realism.  I appreciate the realistic qualities to pictures and that is why I found this photograph stimulating.  The timing of the photograph impacts the outcome.  If the photo was taken during the day then there would not be individual lights on the building to emphasize its beauty.  This was clever on the artists' part.  It is amazing to think that the time of day could have changed the complete outcome of the picture.

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