Thursday, October 10, 2013

Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World

I chose Andrew Wyeth's painting Christina's World, done in 1948.  The picture is tempera on gessoed panel.  I decided upon this picture for a couple of reasons.  I found it interesting how Wyeth used spacing and this idea/theme of isolation.  He made "Christina" big and in the foreground of the painting.  In making her larger and nothing else around her, Wyeth creates this isolation theme.  He also creatively used spacing in placing this image of a house in the background of the picture.  He made the house smaller so that it appeared farther away.  I liked the image for the hidden possible message as well, that it may contain.  The woman in the foreground is lying down and looks as though she cannot walk.  This makes it seem that there is something wrong with her.  She is also looking in the direction of the house in the background.  It appears as she has some reason to get to that house and yet something is stopping her from getting there.  The mystery caught my attention in that sense.

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