Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mistress and Maid by Johannes Vermeer

Mistress and Maid
Johannes Vermeer
Oil on Canvas

The painting above is a piece of art work created by the famous artist named Johannes Vermeer. This painting is titled Mistress and Maid and was developed on a canvas using color oils. Within the painting you can distinctly see two woman figures due to the extreme dark background. It makes both the Mistress and Maid pop out because of the color contrast. Vermeer uses blue and yellow prominently in his painting and various other works he has created as well. Both of these women are set in a domestic scene, carrying on their daily routine. The Maid comes to bring the Mistress a mysterious love letter which the audience can assume is from Cupid. Vermeer also using the element of art known as space. He uses dark colors in the background to create the illusion of space and places to the women in the foreground which makes more space.

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