Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hugo Elias, Radiosity Comparison

I chose Hugo Elias's Directly Illuminated Room and Globally Illuminated Room to compare the two.  Both were created in 2000 and are 3DStudio Max models.  I found it interesting to compare these two based on the element of value or light and dark.  In the Directly illuminated photo the sun was the only light source.  The room itself was black except for the areas where the sun was shining in.  When the sun comes in you see the redness of the floor therefore color is used as well.  In the second photo, the whole room was lit with a radiosity program.  Radiosity is an application of the finite element method to solving the rendering equation  for scenes with surfaces that reflect light diffusely.  The sun was also a the main source of light however, it has a different effect on the photo after radiosity was used.  The picture on the left is darker in value while the photo on the left is brighter and lighter.  I found it amazing how much light and dark could change the appearance of a photo.

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