Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lipsticks in Piccadilly Circus London by Claes Oldenburg

I chose "Lipsticks in Piccadilly Circus London" by Claes Oldenburg because the picture stuck out to me it, it isn't every day you see giant tubes of lipstick in the middle of a city.  The artist used a variety of elements, one being lots of color to create this image.  The picture itself is 2-dimensional, but it is made to appear as though it is 3-dimensional.  Space was another element used.  The lipstick tubes were made larger and placed in the foreground of the picture to make it look closer.  The rest of the city was made smaller to appear further away in the background.  The focus of the photo is the lipsticks which is why they are larger than the rest of the images in the picture.  Points and lines were used to create the signs and buildings.  Texture was used to give life-like surfaces of the signs and buildings in the city.   This picture not only caught my eye because it was unique, but because it captured the hustle and bustle of the city, something I found very interesting.

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