Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woman Brushing Her Hair, by Edgar Degas

I could not find the picture I had originally wanted from the book but when Googling the authors name I stumbled a-crossed this work of art. This picture shows many examples of points and lines within the brushes, the woman's outline, hair, and her belongings. There is shape to the picture in two-dimension although she looks as if she were right in front of you. The space of how the various objects represent depth and the angle of the table she is sitting at shows her other hair brushes to be farther away. The way her body is drawn she is at an angle and as if she were alive. The values between the shades in her gown and hair make her seem realistic. From looking at his other works of art I can only imagine that she is a ballerina getting ready to dance. Edgar Degas has many pictures of ballerinas as if fascinated with them.

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