Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saul Steinberg's Hen

I chose Saul Steinberg's Hen (1945) drawing because it definitely caught my attention while flipping through the pages. Although the focal point is quite obvious in this piece, Steinberg knows how to keep your eye constantly moving though out the entire picture with the use of lines. He uses a variety of widths and lengths which creates a flow and movement for the viewer. By playing around with different line weights he was also able to create a sense of texture in his illustration. I became fascinated with his drawing because of how simple it seemed, yet how eye-catching it continued to be for me. Hen portrays different values within it as some of the painted lines are of a darker color then some of the pen created lines. This drawing also includes space as there is a main foreground, and also a background. It looks as if the so-called "hen" is closer to the front than the other buildings in the background since he drew the hen much larger, other known as perspective. As the lines may seem out of control, or chaotic to some, I find it to be one of the main reasons Steinberg was able to create such an  interesting design.

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