Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Haywain by John Constable

I chose the picture "The Haywain" by John Contable because first looking at it I was captured by the beauty of nature shown in it. Constable includes many elements of art in his image.  Points and lines were applied to create the cart and the cottage.  He used color throughout the entire photo.  Color allows one to differentiate between the blue sky and the white clouds as well as, the green color of the trees and the grass.  He uses value to show darker clouds from lighter clouds.  Value is also used to cast this shadow over the water from the darker cloud.  Value allows one to see that this picture it portraying nature in the day time rather than at night.  Constable used texture to apply this movement of the water from the cart and in doing so created ripples in the water.  This picture is 2-dimensional, however, it was made to appear as though it is 3-dimensional.  Lastly, space was used to produce a background in which there are trees and a field of grass.  The horse driven cart, the pond of water as well as some trees were created bigger to appear closer in the foreground. 

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