Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monet, Madame Monet and Child

I like this picture a lot because of his use of color, the flowers really stand out in the green background of the grass and leaves. It's really nice how he doesn't just use one shade of each color but mixes them with one another. I also like that there is such definition within the color of the woman's dress. The picture itself is very serene. This is a picture of his first wife when they had both lived in Paris, France.He made the pictures portray more of an artist perspective that the artistic structure of the picture was much more important than the portrait of the person in the picture. He used his wife Camille in a lot of his paintings most of the times. When it came to other women in his pictures it was often because someone had asked of him to paint a picture for them, otherwise it was Camille in his pictures.

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